Reflection on the Web
INFORMATION:  Reflection on the Web allows secure access to LACA's OpenVMS system from outside the LACA network (from home, while out of town, etc).

NOTE:  Please do not use the web version of Reflection if you are at your workplace and you have a working copy of Reflection installed on your computer. There are a limited number of Reflection on the Web licenses (only 10 people can be using it simultaneously). A single user can run multiple windows of Reflection on the Web, and it still only counts as one session if all of the windows are running on the same computer.

Reflections on the Web
 (It is HIGHLY recommended that you install the latest version of JAVA before attempting to run Reflection on the Web. Reflection on the Web will run on older versions of JAVA, but if you are unable to print or certain portions of Reflection on the Web do not work, it is probably because you have an older version of JAVA on your computer.)
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