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INFOhio's Open Space
INFOhio’s Open Space is a Place for Creation and Collaboration for Ohio Educators 

Being an educator has its challenges. How many hours do you spend searching for a lesson plan that meets your needs, only to find that you are not allowed to edit it? How often have you wished that you could collaborate with another educator to create the perfect learning resource, but you don’t know who that educator would be or where to connect with him?

INFOhio’s Open Space solves these challenges. As INFOhio’s newest open educational resource (OER) platform, Open Space empowers Ohio’s PreK-12 educators to create and share digital learning tools that promote innovative and collaborative learning. Developed in partnership with the Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME), Open Space provides Ohio’s educators a unique collaboration platform that allows educators to create a free community of creation and collaboration for all of Ohio’s educators.

Ready to create and collaborate with educators across the state? Signing up is easy! Visit and click the Sign In/Register link at the top right to create your account today. You can also view this video to get started.

Open Space, built on the OER Commons infrastructure with consultation from the Open Space Advisory Council, is the newest addition to INFOhio's suite of OER tools, which are freely available to Ohio’s PreK-12 students and educators. To learn more about INFOhio and OER, please visit For questions regarding Open Space, OER, or any of INFOhio’s OER resources, please send INFOhio a note at