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On Demand Classes

A Century of "Herstory": Global Conflict Seen Through the Eyes of Women War Reporters
A history of the world at war from 1915 to the present as reported by 16 women correspondents and photojournalists. Women war correspondents – once permitted to do their jobs – offered unique perspectives on war. Whether embedded with combat soldiers, living among innocent civilians, or talking with folks back home, so-called “girl reporters” succeeded in getting their stories in front of Americans. Over the 20th century, these bold and daring women shared a singular ambition: to answer an inner call driving them to witness war firsthand, and to share what they learned via newspapers, magazines, radio, television, the internet, and social media.
Class Length:60.0000

The Brilliant, Bizarre Isaac Newton -- STEM/Common Core aligned
"The Brilliant, Bizarre Isaac Newton" introduces middle grade students to the oddball Isaac Newton and how his science studies forever changed the way people think about our world and beyond.
Class Length:60.0000

Moving big things has been a challenge forever, and the challenge has been met by clever people in thousands of surprising, creative ways. Author-Illustrator Jan Adkins will intrigue students with his knowledge of basic physics applied to human problems. His facility in drawing on-screen adds an immediacy to the presentation and welcomes interaction.
Class Length:50.0000

The Courageous Chemistry of Dr. Percy Julian
This program introduces students to the life and achievements of Dr. Percy Lavon Julian, a plant chemist who became the first African-American chemist elected to the National Academy of Sciences. As the scientific heir to George Washington Carver, he synthesized chemical compounds from beans to treat rheumatoid arthritis (cortisone), blindness (physostigmine) and miscarriage (progesterone). Among his 105 patents was a firefighting chemical that saved sailors and airmen at war, as well as one that made book pages easier to turn. He became one of the first African-Americans to work in private industry, and eventually he built his own company.
Class Length:50.0000

Swim, Sea Turtle Swim!
Steve shows the class a powerpoint program of his research trip to St. Kitts to discover the leatherback sea turtle. Steve shares with students his process for turning raw research facts into an engaging story. He highlights the use of strong verbs and interesting details, the importance of a good lead/introduction that hooks the reader and, finally, the power of revision.
Class Length:45.0000

100 Years of National Parks and How They Almost Didn't Happen
We may take America’s greatest parks for granted. But little more than 100 years ago, magnificent spots like Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon were fair game for hotel builders and hunters who nearly shot buffalo to extinction. In our eyes, it seems odd that a big game hunter grasped that the wilderness was a treasure for all Americans. The old hunter, who hung plenty of deer and buffalo heads on the wall, used his power to set aside millions of acres to create preserves, historic monuments, and national parks. His name was Theodore Roosevelt, and he was president of the United States.
Class Length:50.0000

Ghost Stories and Ghost Towns: A Spooky Peek into the Old West
Just in time for Halloween! We invite you to join us for this special program that will take you back to the late 1800's and early 1900's to explore the Ghost town phenomena of the West. Students will also be treated to spooky campfire stories that originated from these towns.
Class Length:50.0000

What is Your Potential? Understanding Potential and Kinetic Energy
Energy is all around us-in everything! This interactive program incorporates hands on experiments, an understanding of kinetic and potential energy and fun. Learn how energy is changes from potential energy to kinetic energy and how we use this energy to power our lives.
Class Length:50.0000

S.C.A.M.P.E.R.: Inventive Thinking!
Learn how to think like an inventor through the SCAMPER method of creative thinking. Investigate inventions s, practice “SCAMPERing” a common, everyday object and then stretch your own smarts by creating a new invention to solve a problem. SCAMPER is an acronym for: Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Maximize/Minimize, Put to Other Uses, Eliminate, Reverse Students will use these principles to observe inventions around them, develop critical thinking skills, and develop a vocabulary to discuss their invention.
Class Length:60.0000

Conduction, Convection and Radiation: Heat Transfer Detectives
Students will gain an understanding of conduction, convection and radiation. During the lesson students will participate in three short experiments that illustrate heat transfer. They will then participate in a discussion that explores heat transfer in buildings and help diagnose why a house is cold and drafty. This program is taught by an energy specialist!!
Class Length:60.0000

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