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Email Services

Email (Outlook Web App)

LACA uses Microsoft's Exchange email system for all email hosted by LACA. You can connect to LACA email through Outlook on your desktop, or through Outlook Web App web-based email system through any web browser. Click the icon below to log into Outlook Web App.

A quick guide to getting started using LACA's Outlook Web App email.
This guide is meant for people who have been designated to manage district-wide or building-wide distribution lists in the LACA email system.
How to adjust Junk Mail filtering in Outlook and Outlook Web App
How to view the "behind the scenes" information in OWA and Outlook to find out where an email message originated.

Email Spam Filtering (Trustwave SEG)

All email messages entering and leaving the LACA consortium are scanned for spam and viruses by Trustwave Secure Email Gateway (SEG), formerly known as Mailmarshal.
You can log into the Trustwave Spam Console website to edit your own personal settings, using your LACA account.  The website allows you to add blocked senders, safe senders, and to see what messages have been blocked for your account.  All LACA email users also receive a Daily Digest email from Trustwave SEG that lets you know what messages have been blocked for your email address.
How to log into Trustwave SEG and edit your personal email filtering settings.

Email Archiving (Barracuda)

LACA uses Barracuda Message Archiver for long-term archiving of email messages.  Please note, this service is optional, and some districts do not participate in email archiving.  Click the icon below to log into Barracuda Message Archiver to search your email archive.

A short guide to get you started using Barracuda Email Archiver.
If you use Microsoft Outlook client to read your email, you can install a Barracuda Plug-in to seamlessly integrate the Barracuda search functions into Outlook. This guide shows you how.

Email Setup on Smartphones

Below are guides to set up LACA email on smartphones (Apple, Android).  NOTE: There are dozens of phones available.  These guides serve as examples, but your phone MAY look just a bit different than the examples shown here. 

Many cell providers have step-by-step instructions for each model of phone on their website. If you are having difficulty using these guides, try searching for your model of phone and "Exchange" or "ActiveSync" setup. 
Example Google Searches:  LG G2 Exchange Setup  or Apple iPhone5 Exchange Setup
There are only FOUR important pieces of information you need to know 
when setting up LACA email on your phone. They are:
  1. Server Name =
  2. Domain = OURGANG
  3. Username = <your LACA username, the part before the "@" in your email>
  4. Password = <your LACA email password>

If you find an online guide for your model of phone, just substitute these values above in place of the example values you find in the online guide.

How to set up LACA email on your Apple iPhone
How to set up LACA email on your Apple iPad.
How to set up LACA email on your Android Smartphone
How to set up LACA email on a Windows Mobile Smartphone.

Email Listserv (LSoft)

LSoft Listserv software lets you create mailing lists that can be accessed by multiple people in your district for various purposes.  These are MOSTLY used to create mailing lists for parents for distribution of district or building announcements.   
Contact LACA to help you set up a Listserv that meets your needs.
To manage an existing Listserv, click the icon below.
A guide to getting started with LACA's LSoft Listserv software.