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Technical Services

LACA Network Team Phone Number - 740-242-6019

Call the number above to reach the LACA Network Team directly!

Internet Content Filtering (Cisco Umbrella)


LACA provides Internet Content Filtering to our customers using CIsco Umbrella. Click the link below to access Cisco Umbrella.

Hosted Voice over IP (Phones)

LACA offers a Hosted Voice over IP (VoIP) service based on Cisco IP Phones.  LACA owns and operates the Call Manager and Voicemail systems (PBX), and the district owns the phones that sit on employees desks.  LACA provides all technical support for the phone system.

Hosted WiFi (Ruckus Wireless)

LACA offers an eRate-eligible hosted wireless service using Ruckus Wireless equipment. LACA owns and maintains the controller and access points, and handles site surveys, installation, and setup of your wireless service.

 Click here for detailed information about LACA's Hosted WiFi Service

Hosted Video Surveillance (Digital Watchdog)

LACA offers a hosted video surveillance service based on Digital Watchdog cameras and equipment. As with our wireless service, LACA owns and maintains all of the equipment on your behalf.  We survey your site and work with you to determine camera placement, then work with our partner vendor to run wiring and install the cameras. 

Hosted Servers (VMWare)

LACA offers Hosted Servers based on VMWare Virtualization.  The servers can be sized with any amount of CPU, memory, and disk space to meet your needs.  The servers are secured in LACA's data center with UPS and Generator power for maxium uptime.  Backups of your servers and data are included in the service.

Hosted Backups (Storserver/Tivoli)

LACA's Hosted Backup service can back up your important data to a secure off-site location using Storserver/Tivoli backup software.  LACA staff sets up the service, monitors the nightly backups for errors and assists with restores.  Any type of server (Windows/Linux/Exchange/SQL) can be backed up using this service.

Hosted Storage (Storage as a Service)

LACA's Hosted Storage service provides an off-site disk target that can be used by local servers through the network, but acts as if the storage is locally attached to your server. This service lets you quickly add disk space to your server, mirror a drive to an offsite location, or use it as a backup target for your own local backup software.

Contracted Technician Services

LACA offers a Contracted Technician service to assist your district with technology staffing needs.  This service provides assistance on a regular basis a few hours a day or a few days a week, over the course of the annual contract.  We can assist with servers, LAN, wireless, or any other technology services that a district technology coordinator needs assistance with.
Click here for more information about LACA's Contracted Technician service.

Hourly Technician Services

If you do not need assistance on a regular basis, like the Contracted Technician Service provices, LACA's Hourly Technician Service may be able to help.  LACA's Technical Staff are available on an hourly time and materials basis (staff time permitting) to help your district with local issues that are outside of LACA's normal scope of support.  A few examples are assistance with VMWare troubleshooting/setup, Windows or Linux servers troubleshooting/setup, and LAN troubleshooting/setup.  Due to our existing knowledge of your environment and networks, LACA is often in a better position to troubleshoot or help than an outside 3rd party vendor would be, at a cheaper rate, and without any form of contract other than a purchase order for the hourly rate.

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