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Student Services

Student Services Team Phone Number - 740-242-6022

Please call this number to reach the LACA Student Services Team directly!


Progressbook StudentInformation is the student administrative software that tracks demographic information, attendance, grades, grade history, discipline, medical, and all other information needed by school administrators.


ProgressBook Gradebook is the teacher's tool for tracking grades and attendance for their classroom. 

Special Services

SpecialServices makes it easy for district staff to manage all special education and gifted student processes while complying with federal and state regulatory requirements. Efficient workflows for IEPs, administrative tasks, and collaboration minimize paperwork burden and burnout.


SameGoal is a documentation, management, and compliance platform for K-12 Special Programs, including Special Education, Section 504, Advanced Learners, English Learners, RTI/MTSS & K-4 Literacy.


The Education Management Information System (EMIS) is a statewide data collection system for Ohio's primary and secondary education, including demographic information, attendance, course information, financial data, and test results. 


DataMap is a data analytics and warehouse solution that helps educators make sense of student assessment data in order to improve instruction and enhance student learning. Districts receive everything they need to leverage their data and support achievement, including tools for managing Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) and Interventions.

Parent Access

ProgressBook Parent Access allows parents to log in and track their student's assignments and grades in the ProgressBook Gradebook application.

Virtual Classroom

VirtualClassroom is a modern e-learning management system (LMS) that makes it easy for districts to implement blended learning and flipped classrooms.

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