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What is LACA?

What is LACA?

LACA (Licking Area Computer Association) is a non-profit K-12 consortium, owned and operated by 18 member school districts in Licking, Muskingum, Knox, Fairfield, and Perry counties, though LACA provides a portion of our services to schools all across the State of Ohio.  LACA has been in existence since October 1, 1982 and has always been located here in Newark, Ohio. LACA is one of 18 regional ITCs, or Information Technology Centers, providing services to school districts in their own regions of Ohio.

Strong customer service skills are the key to LACA’s success. Over the past 30+ years, the services LACA provides to member schools has changed. Originally, LACA provided payroll and accounting software to school treasurers. Student administrative software for grade cards, attendance, scheduling, and discipline was added a few years later, along with email. In 1994, LACA began building a more modern IP-based network for internet use. Today, there are two main teams: Network and Student Services & Fiscal. The services provided include Fiscal, Internet, Library, Student Services, Surveillance, Video Distance Learning, VOICE/VOIP, and Wireless.

LACA currently has a staff of 17 employees to support all of these services. The staff has backgrounds in many diverse areas, including Business, Technology, and Education. A strong background working with computers and technology is definitely necessary for a career at LACA, but strong customer service skills are critical. Our employees are encouraged to adapt and innovate to provide the best services and solutions to our member schools.

LACA is a member of the MCOECN, a state-wide consortium of ITCs.