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LACA Contracted Technician Service

LACA Contracted Technician Service

What is LACA's Contracted Technician Service?

LACA's Contracted Technician Service places a LACA employee in your district to help your Technology Coordinator with items that are outside the scope of LACA's normal support.  We can assist with technologies like LAN switch support, VMWare, Active Directory, Linux, or Wireless.
This can be for a few hours a week up to a few days a week, depending on your needs. 

Why Would I Use LACA's Contracted Technician Service?

This service provides supplemental personnel to your district's Technology Coordinator/Technology Staff.  The service is not meant to REPLACE your staff, but ENHANCE your staff. 
This service provides a way to gain constitent and knowledgable technology help if you do not have the means or need to hire a FULL time person within your district.  LACA staff are already familiar with your network and your needs, so we can usually hit the ground running much faster than an outside vendor. 
LACA staff are already part of your district, and since we are non-profit, we have nothing but your best interest in mind as we provide this additional service.

Pricing Information

Pricing for LACA's Contracted Technician Service is determined on a case-by-case basis. You are contracting for a portion of a Full Time Employee, potentially for one-to-five days per week, depending on your needs.
Please contact the LACA Executive Director or Operations Director to arrange more detailed discussion about this service.