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LACA Hosted Storage Service

LACA Hosted Storage Service

What is LACA Hosted Storage Service?

LACA offers our customers an off-site storage service, to provide storage "in the cloud", stored in LACA's data center.


Why Would I Use LACA's Hosted Storage Service?

You can use LACA's Hosted Storage Service for any purpose that you would use local storage for.
Some ideas are:
      1. An offsite backup location for local backups.
      2. Mirror the drive of an on-site server to an off-site location for emergency recovery purposes.
There is no equipment to buy and no equipment to maintain.

Pricing Information

Pricing for LACA's Hosted Storage Service is as follows:
  • Cost is a flat-rate $200 per Terabyte per year.
  • Must be purchased in 1 TB increments...cannot purchase partial terabytes.
  • You may split the storage between multiple servers.

If I Choose to Implement, What Should I Expect?

If you choose to implement, these are the steps you can expect to happen:
  1. The server that you will use must support iSCSI. The connnection to the storage at LACA will be over the iSCSI protocol.

  2. Contact LACA with the amount of space you need, and we will provision the storage and work with you to get that storage joined to your server.
NOTE: The data stored at LACA is NOT backed up by LACA. You are responsible for backups to the data as if it was stored locally.  This service simply provides off-site disk storage, no backups.