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LACA Hosted Voice Service

LACA Hosted Voice Service

What is LACA Hosted Voice Service?

LACA offers our customers a Hosted Voice over IP (VoIP) phone service built upon Cisco infrastructure.  LACA owns and maintains the Cisco infrastructure and handles site surveys, installation, setup, and on-going support of your phone service.  Your district purchases and owns the handsets.

Help, I am unfamiliar with Voice over IP Terminology!

To help you understand LACA's Hosted Voice over IP Service a little better, please look through the glossary of terms below before your read more about the service.
  • VoIP - Voice over IP - This type of phone system uses the same network that already exists in your building for Internet access to provide phone services as well.
  • DID - Direct-Inward-Dial - This is a public accessible phone number that anybody can call to reach a specific phone. This is also referred to as a Personal Telephone Number.
  • PRI - Primary Rate Interface - This is a digital form of a phone line. In fact, it can represent a total of 23 simultaneous calls over a single circuit from your telephone company.
  • SIP Trunk - A SIP Trunk is a virtual phone line that uses a data circuit to deliver dial tone instead of an old phone line or even a PRI. SIP Trunks can scale to unlimited simultaneous calls.

Why Would I Use LACA's Hosted Voice Service?

As you already know, managing and maintaining your phone system is a ton of work if you have access to manage it. With LACA's Hosted Voice Solution, we will take care of the entire phone system so that it's hands off to your district.
Hands-off Support 
You can have end-users call LACA directly or that communication can flow through your Tech department to handle phone system issues.

Pricing Information

Unfortunately, pricing for LACA's Hosted Voice Service is determined on a case-by-case basis. The number of buildings and number of phone handsets fluxuates greatly between different customers. LACA coordinates a "site survey" to determine placement and quantity of handsets and can ONLY provide a final formal quote after this information has been gathered.
Final pricing is done on a monthly per-handset basis.
The monthly per-handset price includes:
  • Installation and configuration of phones and CallManager.
  • Ongoing support and maintenance of all phones and CallManager for the duration of the contract.
The monthly per-handset price does NOT include the following:
  • Cost of the initial site-survey.
  • Any wiring needed from distribution closets to locations of the phones.
  • Power over Ethernet switches needed to connect and power the phones.

If I Choose to Implement, What Should I Expect?

If you choose to implement, these are the steps you can expect to happen
  1.  LACA will schedule a site survey with your Technology Coordinator.  All buildings where phones will be installed will be surveyed.  At the end of the survey, LACA will have a total count of phones needed per building and their locations.

  2. LACA will prepare a formal quote for your district or school. This quote will show your monthly cost.

  3. Before the installation can begin, there must be ethernet wiring in place from your wiring closets to the locations where the phones will be installed.  LACA can assist your district with lining up vendors to do this work, at the district's expense.

  4. Before installation can begin, there must be sufficient PoE (Power over Ethernet) switches in your wiring closets to connect and power the phones.  This is the responsibility of the district. LACA can offer recommendations and quotes for switches from our partner vendors.

  5. After wiring and POE switches are in place, LACA can schedule an installation date that works for your district or school.  Depending on the size of the project, this may take from 1 to 3 days to complete.

LACA's Partners

These are the vendors that LACA partners with to bring the Hosted Voice service to your schools.