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LACA Hourly Technician Services

LACA Hourly Technician Services

What is LACA's Hourly Technician Services?

LACA's Technical Staff are available on an hourly time and materials basis (staff time permitting) to help your district with local issues that are outside of LACA's normal scope of support. A few examples are assistance with VMWare troubleshooting/setup, Windows or Linux servers troubleshooting/setup, and LAN troubleshooting/setup. Due to our existing knowledge of your environment and networks, LACA is often in a better position to troubleshoot or help than an outside 3rd party vendor would be, at a cheaper rate, and without any form of contract other than a purchase order for the hourly rate.

Who can use LACA's Hourly Technician Service?

Only LACA's customer schools can use our Hourly Technician services. We do not provide these services outside of our service area.

What is the cost of the LACA Hourly Technician Service?

Our rates are $100/hour, with a 2 hour minimum. 
We do not charge for travel time.
NOTE:  Because this is outside the scope of our normal daily work, LACA's technical staff is available on a "best effort" basis.  If there are more urgent matters that need attended to at LACA, those will take precedence over being available for hourly assistance.