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LACA will be implementing a new version of our Helpdesk system on Thursday May 31st.    The new Helpdesk is very similar to the current Helpdesk already being used by our Network, Fiscal and Library Service Teams.  With this new version, we will be introducing its usage with the Student Services Team.


Helpdesk is another tool that we want to use to help provide you with the best customer service possible.   One main reason for the Helpdesk is it provides us with some accountability.  We are better able to track items so we do not drop the ball on any items.    It also provides us with a system to better prioritize issues and helps us to be more efficient.   This new version allows LACA to customize it to best fit our specific customers and needs.   It also provides you, our customers, will a self service or self help portal that you can use to review previous request items, IF you wish to.

What does this mean for me?

We hope to make this as transparent to you as possible while our staff utilizes the system in the background.  So not a lot of changes for you…

=         You can still call us like you do now.  Same numbers.   The only thing that you may notice is that if an issue or question is not resolved over the phone, then we may create a request for you so that we can track its progress.   A request may also be create if we need to document something for referencing later.   When a request is created, you will receive an email from our Helpdesk system.

=         You can still email us like you do now.  Same email addresses as used now.  However, your email will now be automatically creating a request specifically for you.   When we acknowledge, assign, or answer your request, you will receive an email from our Helpdesk ([email protected]).   If you have anything to add, you can simply reply to that email and your information will be included in the request.

=         Self Service Portal.  You can also log into the Helpdesk to see that status of your request or view historical items.   This is the same username and password used to access LACA’s applications.

We want you to know that every request is important to us and we hope this new system will be a benefit to our staff and to you.   Please be aware that this is a new system and that there could be some issues for us to work through.  Please let us know if you submit a request and do not receive a timely response, we want to make sure everything is working properly.   We will also be making adjustments as we all use the system so let us know if you have any suggestions on how to improve the system and processes.    

From your friendly LACA ITC

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