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INFOhio & Ashland Univ now offering graduate credit for completion of Success in Six

INFOhio, partnering with Ashland University, is now offering graduate credit for completion of Success in Six, a series of self-paced, online, professional development modules that help educators implement the latest methods to use digital resources in their classrooms. Topics include: Differentiation, Career Readiness, Reading Digital Content, STEAM, Free Digital Content for your Google Classroom, and Research Skills. The modules introduce many freely available INFOhio resources and focus on integrating digital content using current instructional strategies and trends.   

Graduate credit and certificate option information is available at Success in Six. Ready to get started earning graduate credit at your own pace? Registration is open for both Success in Six Mods 1-3 and Success in Six Mods 4-6. Completion of each module is worth one graduate credit. Take your time to get to the finish line – complete the modules by August 31, 2019 to earn credit from Ashland University.

If you have any questions about graduate credit through Success in Six, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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