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ProgressBook Suite v20.1.0 Release

Good Morning,
On Thursday, October 15th we will install a very large release that has quite a few changes. Please
note that you will see these changes the morning of Friday, October 16th. Some you may see when
you first log in, and others once you navigate to specific pages. Please see the below
StudentInformation changes that most apply to you. I have also attached the newest End User
Requirements document for you to review.  End User Requirements
Graduation Points
  • On the Student Exemptions/Requirements screen, you can now expand or collapse the following grids: Optional Graduation Exemptions, Optional Graduation Requirements, Optional Career-Technical Requirements, and State System of Diploma Seals Earned. Grids with at least one checkbox selected display as expanded by default.
  • On the Student Exemptions/Requirements screen, in the Optional Career-Technical Requirements grid, the new Pre-apprenticeship checkbox lets the district indicate that the student has completed the Pre-Apprenticeship option on the Permanent Requirements tab Show Competency section below Additional Options. 
  • On the Graduation Points Summary screen Permanent Requirements tab, the user interface has been updated to match other existing tabs. 
View Staff Members (Please see the attached LACA Configuring User Records if you are the one
responsible in your district for adding new staff members)
  • The Personal tab lets you view and modify shared information from both account and staff member records.
  • The Staff tab lets you view and modify the user’s staff member record as well as add staff member school(s) and job function(s).
    • The permissions in GradeBook by the deprecated GradeBook user roles have been incorporated into the existing StudentInformation job functions as listed below.
CafeteriaCafeteria Worker

    • The following user roles from GradeBook have been added to StudentInformation as
      job functions
      • Curriculum Director
      • Attendance
      • Master
      • School Support
      • School Administrator

    • The new GradeBook-Principal and GradeBook – Guidance job functions let you assign the GradeBook – specific permissions separately from the Principal and Counselor job functions, which grand specific permissions for both StudentInformation and GradeBook.
  • View Staff Members
    • On the View Staff Members screen, the Go button has been renamed New Staff. 
    • When You click New Staff, a new window opens, prompting you to enter required information.
      • If there are no existing matching account records, the user record screen Staff tab displays for the newly created staff member.
      • If an account with a matching first and last name and/or email address exists, you can choose to associate the new staff member with the existing account. Otherwise, you can click Create Unassociated Staff. In either situation, the new user record screen Staff tab displays for the newly created account.
  • Mobile App 
    • Improvements in the current release now let you log in to the Mobile App after implementing the security updates from ProgressBook Suite v20.1.0 
As always, please let us know if you have any questions.
LACA StudentServices Team

StudentInformation Support: [email protected]
GradeBook and SpecialServices Support: [email protected]

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